SICOT PIONEER is the latest enterprise by SICOT’s Education Academy to leave a digital footprint on SICOT’s educational journey. Since June 2020, this virtual platform has been hosting a series of webinars and it is currently planning different e-events ranging from podcasts to live streamed surgical demos. The symbiosis of this digital programme together with our conventional Congress programme will strive to facilitate knowledge exchange from the most densely populated to the most remote corners of the globe, from the least to the most developed and from the most experienced to the youngest of surgeons.

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Live Webinar

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Upcoming Live Webinars

Research: What Can You Achieve?

Date: 11 December 2021
Time: 13:30-14:30 (CET/Belgium)

The SICOT Research Education & Mentorship Committee is proud to invite you to the first webinar of our SICOT PIONEER Research series. Join us for thought-provoking talks from our eminent faculty on the importance of collecting and analysing data in the world of orthopaedics and trauma, while also taking into account less-resourced settings around the globe.


PIONEER Playback

You can access all of our webinars via the links below to watch them in your own time!

Management of Scaphoid Nonunion

The scaphoid bone is the most commonly fractured carpal bone. The SICOT Hand Committee have collaborated with the Italian Society for Surgery of the Hand (SICM - Società Italiana di Chirurgia della Mano) for this webinar, during which they will discuss their approach and the current concepts in managing nonunion scaphoid fractures. There will also be time for free paper presentations, as well as a live case discussion.

Limb Reconstruction in a Resource-Limited Environment

In this webinar a panel of top faculty from around the world will be sharing their input on limb reconstruction in resource-limited environment. Join us for lectures focused on tackling this global issue: from the relevance and use of orthopaedic forums and open-access software to the value of fellowships, mentoring and bidirectional learning opportunities, as well as free paper presentations and case discussions!

SICOT PIONEER Tête-à-Tête: Why We Should Look East

For the fourth instalment of our Tête-à-Tête series SICOT PIONEER is proud to introduce internationally renowned expert, Prof Keith DK Luk. This dedicated teacher to many fellow surgeons and former key official in many academic societies including SICOT and the APSS among others, will share his knowledge and insights regarding the training ethos in the East, what Western orthopaedics could learn from it, as well as his vision on business and leadership initiatives.

SICOT PIONEER Tête-à-Tête: The Guru Speaks!

SICOT PIONEER is delighted to bring you the third edition of our Tête-à-Tête series! Please join us for a chat with 'the Guru', former President of SICOT and Chairperson of AO Spine, Prof Shanmuganathan Rajasekaran. The first-class spine legend will share the story behind his journey, as well as his views on mentorship and the future of Orthopaedics.

SICOT-AO Trauma - Femoral Fracture Fixation: Getting it Right First Time

In a renewed partnership with AO Trauma, SICOT PIONEER gathers an international team of top-notch academics to share their expertise on femoral fracture fixation. Join us for lectures on the MIPPO technique, biomechanics and design of intramedullary nails, plating fixation, ipsilateral fractures, as well as free paper presentations and clinical case discussions!

SICOT-AO Trauma: Clavicle Fractures

In this exciting webinar organised by SICOT PIONEER in collaboration with AO Trauma, faculty from across the globe will debate clavicular factures and the controversies surrounding them, including conservative versus surgical approaches in middle third fractures, the floating shoulder, treatments of malunion and nonunion complications, implants and lateral fractures.

SICOT PIONEER Tête-à-Tête: 30 Minutes with Mohit Bhandari

SICOT PIONEER is proud to bring you the second show of our Tête-à-Tête series! Please join us for '30 Minutes with Mohit Bhandari', where we will chat with the award-winning global leader in evidence-based surgery and orthopaedic research about his journey, current projects and why he believes "data is the new oil of the next decade", and what that means for orthopaedic research.

SICOT-EOF: Celebrating a Century of Ilizarov

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Father of the Ilizarov apparatus, Gavriil Abramovich Ilizarov, SICOT PIONEER, in partnership with the Eurasian Orthopedic Forum (EOF), launch their first live event dedicated to this revolution in modern orthopaedics. In addition to free paper presentations, a team of outstanding faculty from around the globe will lead the discussion on its legacy and the latest updates in today's practice in another promising academic exchange.

SICOT-UAOS: The Complex Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty

SICOT PIONEER are excited to announce their first collaboration with the Ukrainian Association of Orthopedic Surgeons (UAOS)! This online event covering 'The Complex Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty' will include lectures by leading experts from around the world, and cover the replacement of all types of hips. We'll also hear more free papers and hope you will join us in the usual lively discussion!

SICOT PIONEER Tête-à-Tête: Technology Disruptors in Healthcare

In the first SICOT PIONEER event of this kind, our hosts will pick the brains of some of orthopaedics' biggest technology disruptors. How is technology affecting orthopaedic practice already? Where is it going in the future? What are the challenges we face in this field? Please join us for this chat show, one of the first of SICOT PIONEER's educational events in 2021.

SICOT-MSF: The Medical Response in Disaster Events

SICOT PIONEER have teamed up with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to bring you a world-class line-up of faculty. With lectures on emergency medical teams, search and rescue, damage control orthopaedics, early rehabilitation and long-term deployment in disaster zones, we are sure there will be something for everyone to learn. 

Update on Fractures and Ligament Injuries around the Knee

In this webinar a panel of top faculty from around the world will be sharing their updates on fractures and ligament injuries around the knee. Join us for lectures on tibial plateau fractures, open fractures, bone defects, ligament injuries and tibial spine avulsion fractures, as well as free paper presentations and a Q&A!

SICOT-FFN: Femoral Neck Fractures

In this exciting webinar organised by SICOT PIONEER in collaboration with the Fragility Fracture Network (FFN), faculty from North America, Asia and Europe will tackle topics such as fixation technique, impaction grafting, bipolar versus total hip replacement, outcomes and the role of the ortho-geriatrician.

SICOT-IHS: Preventing Early Complications Following THA

This collaborative webinar has been put together by SICOT PIONEER and the International Hip Society. As well as free paper presentations, key opinion leaders from around the world will cover the prevention of complications following total hip arthroplasty, including DVT/PE, infection, fractures, instability and leg-length inequality.

SICOT-SLAHOC: Shoulder Instability

This collaborative webinar put together by the SICOT Shoulder Committee and the Latin American Shoulder Elbow Society (SLAHOC) will focus on the practicalities of learning to manage shoulder instability, and will cover basic principles to advanced bone defects. A basic biomechanical understanding alongside clinical experience will be shared by experts from all around the world.

SICOT-EHS: Robotics and Other Innovations in THA

SICOT PIONEER and the European Hip Society (EHS) are proud to present their first collaborative webinar on the topic of 'Robotics and Other Innovations in THA'. In this inaugural event, key opinion leaders will present on recent innovations in robotic total hip arthroplasty, why we need the technology and what to look out for in the future.

SICOT-APOA: Primary ACL Repair

In the last decade advances in orthobiologics have raised a new interest in the healing potential of torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tissue. Can we save the ACL and does the ACL have the potential to heal if repaired? In this webinar, in partnership with the Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association, we will take you on the journey from the start of the ACL repair to current advanced surgical techniques.

Current Concepts in Managing Congenital Hand Anomalies

When a general orthopaedic surgeon comes across a case of congenital hand anomaly, it can be daunting at times. The SICOT Hand Committee have collaborated with the Hong Kong Society for Surgery of the Hand, and with this webinar hope to illustrate how some of the common hand anomalies develop, as well as the current concepts in managing them.

Current Concepts in the Management of TFCC Tears

A triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) tear is a common cause of ulnar wrist pain and distal radioulnar joint instability. Yet, not all TFCC tears are symptomatic and need to be treated. In collaboration with the Asia Pacific Wrist Association, the SICOT Hand Committee presents their first webinar, in which they discuss their approach in managing a TFCC tear and describe techniques in TFCC repair and reconstruction.

Early Onset Scoliosis: Management Updates

The SICOT Spine Committee invite you to join them for their second PIONEER webinar, this time in collaboration with the Scoliosis Research Society (SRS). In this event a panel of world class faculty from around the globe will present and then discuss the very latest updates in the management of early onset scoliosis (EOS), including talks on casting, neuromuscular scoliosis, hemivertebrectomy, posterior tethering, the distraction technique and graduate EOS patients and live case discussions!

Rising within an Orthopaedic Society: Learning from the Presidents

What does it mean to be the president of an orthopaedic society? How do presidents ensure they leave a legacy for their members? What challenges do presidents today face and what does the future hold for leaders in orthopaedics? Do female presidents face particular obstacles and how can we level the playing field? SICOT PIONEER invites you to join us as some of the world's top society presidents try and answer some of these pressing questions.

The Evolution of Orthopaedic Trauma Implants: How Did We Get to 2020?

There is a dearth of information on trauma implants from a more holistic perspective in the orthopaedic academic literature, yet the evolution of this branch of implants is fascinating with its twists and turns as well as dead ends and breakthroughs - like a detective novel! SICOT invite you to join them for this webinar which will introduce this fascinating subject, explaining how, why and where we are in 2020.

SICOT-SECEC: Grand Shoulder Webinar

This is the first combined SICOT and SECEC (European Society for Surgery of the Shoulder and the Elbow) webinar from the SICOT Shoulder & Elbow Committee. This webinar will focus on practical teachings of the management of rotator cuff tear and will include clinical experience sharing from experts from all around the world.

Robotic Knee Arthroplasty: Hype, Hope or Reality?

The SICOT Knee Committee are proud to present their first webinar, on robotic surgery in knee arthroplasty from a critical perspective. All the speakers are high volume surgeons devoted to knee replacement and will aim to answer questions such as 'why the robot if our skills are good enough to provide good surgical results'? 'What are the unmet needs pushing us to adopt this expensive technique'?

Salvaging a Mangled Extremity (SAME): the emergency management protocol

A severely mangled extremity can lead to a high mortality rate if not properly managed in time. This kind of trauma can be both life- and limb-threaten-ing, causing permanent disability to the patient. Therefore, early emergent management is crucial and a proper protocol is necessary. This webinar aims to build an emergency protocol, taking revascularisation as the first priority. We then manage fracture fixation and soft tissue management as a whole.

Pathological Fractures in Today's Practice

The SICOT Tumour Committee invite you to join them for their first PIONEER webinar, and hear from faculty around the world on the topic of pathological fractures. Register for the event for a chance to hear thought-provoking talks on oligometastases and metastatic disease as well as case-based discussions on the upper and lower limbs.

AIOT: Disaster Management

In light of the recent tragic events in Beirut, Lebanon, the SICOT PIONEER Programme Team in collaboration with AIOT would like to invite you to take part in their webinar on 'Disaster Management'. The webinar will include talks on an orthopaedic perspective of the disaster as well as practical advice and the role of the WHO and MSF in such circumstances. There will also be time for discussion between the AIOT Presidents and event Faculty, as well as a Q&A.

Global Solutions in the Management of Multiligament Knee Injuries

Global solutions in the management of multiligament knee injuries can assist surgeons to treat patients in low resource settings. SICOT PIONEER and session chair Dr Michael Held invite you to take part in our latest webinar which will cover assessing and classifying such injuries, as well as their treatment options.

Career-ending sports injuries around the foot and ankle

The IFFAS President, Cristian Ortiz and SICOT Foot & Ankle Chair, Gowreeson Thevendran, would like to invite you to participate in the IFFAS-SICOT live webinar series to discuss controversies surrounding career-ending sports injuries in the foot and ankle. Outstanding faculty from around the globe will discuss and navigate through complex situations and provide tips on how to approach them.

Advanced Technology in Spinal Surgery

The SICOT Spine Committee invite you to join them for their first PIONEER webinar, during which a panel of hand-picked faculty from around the world will present and then discuss the very latest updates in spinal surgery technology, including lectures on navigation, robotics, 3D printing and simulation.

AIOT: New Normals

2020 has been a year unlike any other and for orthopaedic surgeons your work, research and focus will have changed dramatically; and it may not change back. So what is the new normal? SICOT and AIOT invite you to join them for a cutting-edge and thought-provoking event in which key opinion leaders from across the globe will discuss opportunities the COVID-19 pandemic might bring, the insight we have gained and what our practice will look like in the future.

Bone and Joint Infections: What Have We Learnt?

Bone infection is a global problem that affects different orthopaedic subspecialties and there are lessons we can learn on how to diagnose and treat bone infection from all of these disciplines. The SICOT Infections Subspecialty Chair Prof Khaled Emara is pleased to invite you to the latest SICOT webinar to discuss these lessons.

Cartilage Defects in 2020: How Do I Deal with Them?

We are honoured to invite you to the SICOT-ICRS webinar to discuss how to deal with cartilage defects in 2020. The session will review the current concepts in cartilage surgery and provide an update of the most important topics in orthobiologic available treatments both as injections and as scaffold-based surgeries as well as highlighting orthopaedic and regenerative medicine leaders from around the world with particular experience in biologic treatments with cells, growth factors and tissues.

Foot & Ankle: Acute Injuries and Return to Sport

The SICOT Foot & Ankle Committee and its chair Dr Gowreeson Thevendran would like to invite you to participate in the inaugural SICOT-AFAS-ESSKA live webinar discussing a variety of acute foot and ankle injuries and their impact on time away from sport.