SICOT Diaries

SICOT is truly a global society where the orthopaedic world meets. As an initiative from the Website Committee for the society to get to know the countries that make up SICOT, we are launching “SICOT Diaries”.

This website page is for national delegates or nominated distinguished orthopaedic surgeons from their respective countries to submit an article or short video about significant milestones in their careers and orthopaedic practice in the country they represent. It would be interesting to understand the structure and functioning of orthopaedics in individual countries as part of their healthcare. What would also be helpful is to understand the challenges facing orthopaedic practice in individual countries and how we as a society could step in to support. The theme of the articles and videos will be about orthopaedic practice, policy, funding, systems, governance, training structure and regulation rather than surgical educational content.

As this is a new and unprecedented initiative, we believe that this will go a long way not just in having a better understanding of individual member countries but also help forge partnerships through networking, improve patient care by sharing experiences and develop teaching, education & research opportunities, all at the heart of SICOT which remains the World Orthopaedic Organisation.

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