IFPOS - International Federation of Paediatric Orthopaedic Societies




Mario Lampropoulos (Argentina) 
Claudio Santili (Brazil) 
William Mackenzie (United States) 
Jacques D’Astous (United States) 
Milan Kokavec (Slovakia) 
Marek Napiontek (Poland)

Hakan Omeroglu (Turkey) 
Cosimo Gigante (Italy) 
Toshio Fujii (Japan) 
Mark Lin (Taiwan) 
Ruixue Ma (China) 
S.C. Pan (China)

Scientific Committee

Vice Chairmen: 


George Thompson (United States) & Patricia Fucs (Brazil)
Gerard Bollini (France) 
Ernesto Ippolito (Italy) 
Benjamin Joseph (India) 
Pier Vittorio Frediani (Italy) 
Hae Riong Song (Korea) 
Makoto Kamegaya (Japan) 
Juan Couto (Argentina)


International Educational Committee



Members at large:

Henri Bensahel (France) †
Kaye Wilkins (United States)
Charles Price (United States) 
Baxter Willis (Canada) 
Edilson Forlin (Brazil) 
Carlo Origo (Italy) 
Gamal Hosny (Egypt) 
David Spiegel (United States)  
Alfred Grant (United States) 
K.S. Song (Korea) 
Shlomo Wientroub (Israel) 
Franz Grill (Austria)


Founding members

Naples, Italy - 1 May 1992

E. Ascani
H. Bensahel †
J.S. Daruwalla
N. de Sanctis
M. Duhaime
F. Fernandez-Palazzi
J.A. Fixsen
J. Gonzales Ferré
J. Laredo Filho

W. Lokietek
G.D. Mac Ewen
H. Malvarez
W. Marsden
K. Parsch
J.C. Pouliquen
A. Raimann
S. Wientroub
T. Yamamuro


Objectives Statutes

The objectives of this Association are:

- to promote the study and the development of the Orthopaedics and Traumatology in children and adolescents;

- to encourage a more qualified training of Paediatric Orthopaedic Specialists and to foster a greater degree of communication and exchange.


Article by Prof Nando de Sanctis and Prof Henri Bensahel

Children’s Orthopaedic Surgery became a recognised specialty in the second half of the XX century. Despite such relative youth, it has great potential for growth. 

Due to its nature, Henri Bensahel thought, during the 1970s, that paediatric orthopaedists from across the world should be able to get together. He took the initiative to create the European Paediatric Orthopaedic Society (EPOS) in 1981. After rapid growth, it became equivalent to the North American society (POSNA). More recently, the paediatric section of the Asia-Pacific Orthopaedic Association (APOA) and the Latin American societies (SLAOTI) were created. In the nineties, the idea came to both of us to create IFPOS. After some difficulties we founded it in Prague, in April 1996. The world society of children’s orthopaedics was born. 

Its members are national societies or study groups. The majority of paediatric orthopaedic societies in the world are affiliated to it. Together with them, the four international societies mentioned above became affiliated to IFPOS. 

To avoid increasing the number of annual meetings, it was decided that IFPOS meetings would be triennial and combined with the meeting of another international society. The first meeting was combined with the EPOS meeting in 1998, in Madrid, Spain. Henri Bensahel was elected the first President of IFPOS. 

The evolution of IFPOS was rapid and it soon became well known. More and more people attended its triennial meetings. By the Sendaï (Japan) meeting with APOA, and the Salvador de Bahia (Brazil) meeting with SLAOTI we concluded our first stage. The fourth meeting was held this year with EPOS in Sorrento (Italy). During this meeting, Nando de Sanctis was elected President. The next meeting will be held in Asia, namely Seoul, Korea, in 2010. 

In the meantime, relations between IFPOS and SICOT have become closer and closer. An open and frank relationship has been created. It allows paediatric orthopaedists to draw nearer to SICOT, by attending its meetings more often. During the Istanbul meeting of SICOT, it was decided that our organisation would join SICOT during its Annual International Conferences. Hence, in 2006, in Buenos Aires, the IFPOS Day was held. We joined also the Marrakech (Morocco) Conference in 2007. Both were successful. 

A true coalition has occurred and IFPOS is currently in charge of the paediatric scientific sessions of SICOT. It could be considered as the paediatric section of SICOT. 

This good relationship is beneficial to both societies. The Hong Kong meeting was witness to a true and deep relationship. IFPOS attracted to Hong Kong a large number of paediatric orthopaedic surgeons thanks to the high standard of its scientific sessions. The Scoliosis Research Society (SRS) organised a paediatric half-day session following the IFPOS Day. At the same time, the fifth congress of the International Club Foot Study Group (ICFSG) was held. 

This synergy will enhance the worldwide reputation of orthopaedic surgery, of which paediatric orthopaedics is a major component, for the improvement of our clinical community in the future. 


Carlo Milani: [email protected] 

David Aronsson: [email protected]